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Friday, September 30, 2011


I'm a voracious blog reader, zipping through hundreds of posts on a daily basis. Here's a smattering of my current, constantly rotating favorites:

Can You Stay for Dinner? - One of the nicest women I've happened across online, Andie is living the dream. At least, my personal dream anyway. She's working on two books and living in Costa Rica. Did I mention she lost more than a hundred pounds? You need to read this!

The Bloggess - Funny, smart, totally random and weird. Love this lady.

Dooce - I'm not usually a lover of mommy blogs, but I respect this woman. I admire her honesty most.

Almost Fearless - This blog is about travel, but I read it for the writing. I'm finding a common theme in my favorite blogs: smart, talented, honest women. Good thing, because that's what I'm trying to create here on my own site.

Simplicity by Sunny - She doesn't update nearly enough, but her words are smooth and heavy. Like a milkshake. Yes, exactly like a milkshake. And, I can attest to the fact that she really is as sweet via email as she is online. What? You don't email your favorite bloggers just to tell them how much you like their work? Oh, that's why I've never gotten an email from you then. I'll try not to take it personally.

A Beautiful Mess - I look at the art and beauty that Elsie churns out on A Beautiful Mess and feel inspired to become the best version of myself. I love how she finds beauty in the every day.