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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Beautiful Weekend

Wow, I'm just so happy right now.

Happy like I just shook my groove thang in my bathroom mirror for fifteen minutes to Beyonce's We Like to Party.

Happy like I decided to go running at 8pm on a Sunday after watching Breaking Dawn at 1pm and taking an hour nap at 4pm.

Happy like I feel content and ready to take on the challenges of my world.

Because I've been so open about my life goals and dreams around here...ahem, see this post.... I want to share my current Life's Goals list.

In random order:

  • Be a professional blogger (duh)
  • Write a book
  • Be a foster parent
  • Travel (a lot)
  • Start a free weight loss group for women that focuses on healthy habits, body image and simple ways to work health into your life
  • Teach hip-hop exercise classes
  • Have a loft apartment in a big city
  • Have a weight loss feature in Shape Magazine
Of course, there are many other things I want, but these are my current musts

What about you? 

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