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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Self: Stop freaking the eff out!

I remembered while blow drying my hair this morning at 7:55 that I had an 8:30 appointment somewhere across town and the address of where I needed to be was at the complete opposite direction. 


I wish I could say I handled the situation with grace, but I did the complete opposite. My boyfriend's innocuous question was met with a "WHAT!??" while I rushed out the door pissed that I was going to be late and endure an early morning without coffee. 

Kill me. 

The day went better after that. How could it not? Work is awesome. I still feel like I'm swimming and grasping and all of those other words synonymous with completely overwhelmed, but I do love the challenge. 

I was just sitting on the couch reading blogs and came across one that inspired me to write again. I never want to stay away too long because I love blogging and blogs so damn much. My brain is fried from a lot of late nights at the office lately, but my inspiration helped me find beauty in the most mundane things around me tonight. 

Example 1:

My little DIY jewelry box. It's not much, but it's beautiful and functional and makes my life a lot easier every single day. It's hanging by the light switch in the bathroom and I often look at it and give myself props for spending that two dollars at Goodwill and taking a day to paint it. 

Example 2:

This poem, Ubuntu, by a local author. It's beautiful and (I think!) creatively and cheaply framed. I'm in love with the message and the top graphic. 

Example 3:

I hope to get a dog in the very near future and often tease myself by visiting a Boxer adoption rescue site and looking at brindle Boxers. I can't wait to play not-fetch with a dog of my own someday.

When I was frantically driving to work this morning, holding back tears of frustration, I wish I could've had a window into the future. Maybe I would've simmered down a bit and let things roll off me had I known I'd read inspirational literature, make a triumphant return to blogging and watch a video of the world's cutest boxer cruising around the backyard.

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